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Collaborating with Stev has truly been a transformative journey. His expertise and support have not only enhanced the efficiency of my real estate investment portfolio but have also empowered me to refine my business strategies. Thanks to Stev's invaluable coaching and guidance, I've been able to transition away from my traditional 9-5 job and focus on real estate investing, and other endeavors. I am profoundly grateful for Stev's dedication and encouragement. His mentorship has not only elevated my professional trajectory but has also inspired me to continually strive for excellence. If you're seeking guidance and inspiration, I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Stev on your own journey to success. - Chris Luger, MN
This gentleman and his service have been stellar. He has been a very valuable professional and cheerleader. His guidance and insights have helped arrive at a very positive point. Hire him with confidence. - Justin Powers, Duluth MN
I had the pleasure of being coached from Steve recently on my new business adventure. I admire his professionalism and knowledge in the field. I felt I received tremendous amount of information that will carry with me through out my endeavor. Steve made the process easy for me to understand thus creating a valuable education that I can use to be successful. Thank you Steve. - Maureen Anderson
Some of the most helpful coaching conversations Stev worked through with me were navigating small business barriers and my own accountability for moving my business forward. He really helped me evaluate why I felt stuck, what were true barriers and how to move things along. Having a business coach such as Stev, who is knowledgeable and can speak from his own lengthy business experience and serves as an accountability partner at the same time, is priceless; I highly recommend Stev as a business coach for those first starting out, and seasoned business owners looking to evaluate and uplift their already established business. - Holly McCarthy, Small Business Owner, Chicago, IL
Stev is very knowledgable, courteous, and professional. He has helped my partner and I's new business in multiple ways, and has guided us through the whole process of how to expand, and grow in todays competitive market. His weekly consultations have opened our minds to many new ideas, and ways to market our business, and strengthen our retail brand. I highly recommend Stev; especially if you're looking for fresh ideas, a straight forward approach to running a new business, or are trying to improve your current business... - F'N Radio
It was great to work with Stev, the business coach, to get my mind working outside the box to drive revenue and how to fine-tune things to help maximize our profits amongst other things.  I give Stev a huge pat on the back, he helped us find over $20K in tax saving we missed on our 2019 tax return and we were set to make the same mistake on our 2020 returns.  Stev has been great and I love his personality and enthusiasm! - Keith B., Pine County
Stev has been my mentor and "go to" person for all of my business questions ever since I met him in 2001.  I opened my sign shop in 1996 and as it grew I had many questions from hiring staff and payroll to eventually how to handle the sale of the business in 2018. Stev has been a wealth of knowledge throughout my career and I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering "growing pains" in their business.  - Brian G.
I’ve known Stev for more than 5 years now, since he was introduced to me as THE “go-to guy” in my local business community. Since then, he’s been incredibly helpful, offering guidance as I’ve scaled two businesses from zero revenue to becoming profitable. I highly recommend his coaching program. -  Karl A.
I have been doing business with Stev Stegner for over 10 years. During this time I have learned that he is “the guy” to talk about business with. He has helped with direction of my business and helped me solve many issues within the business over the years. He has great strength in marketing, advertising, employee development, how to work with the city, and how to make more profit. Stev is the best upbeat personality that I have come across. He is also the biggest advocate of small business he wants to make sure everyone can be successful. I 100% recommend working with Stev. - Alex Bulmer, Owner of Big Apple Bagels and Three Pillars Bookkeeping