Stev Stegner, MBA

Business Coach & Growth Consultant

Helping businesses grow from Chaos to Confidence. Specializing in business growth, coaching teams, creating a five year vision and preparing your business for sale.

About Your Coach

I ran multiple small businesses simultaneously for over the past 30 years while growing my real estate investment portfolio. In 2019, I sold the business I owned and ran for over 30 years. I have mentored, marketed and sold five businesses in the past 10 years. I have extensive experience in marketing, time management for owners, maximizing profits, and getting your business ready to sell.

I enjoy the helping owners and managers grow their businesses, solve employee issues, balance family and work responsibilities and create a business that is sellable in the future. I will help you make more money, give you the confidence you need to be content and create more time for you to enjoy life.

Along our journey, I will keep you focused and grounded as your business evolves and grows.
Stev StegnerStev StegnerStev StegnerStev StegnerStev StegnerStev Stegner

Coaching Services

Option 1

One on One Coaching
One on One Coaching

Business coaching that focuses on sales growth, profitability, time saving techniques, balance of work family life, employee issues and day to day business operations.

Option 2

Team / Group Coaching
Team / Group Coaching

Coaching your team or team trainings in person or via Zoom. Popular team coaching sessions include:  Exceptional customer service, Grow Your Sales! Getting More Done in Less Time.

Option 3

Selling Your Business
Selling Your Business

Selling your business. We help to maximize your cash flow and get systems in place to get the most value for your business as possible when the time is right.

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

A Business Coach helps business owners and managers maximize the potential of the business.  We will work with you to remove self-limiting beliefs, guide you through the day-to-day business challenges, while helping you stay focused on your longer-term goals.

I'm too busy for coaching, is coaching still an option?

It is common for business owners to feel overwhelmed and working well in excess of 40 hours per week.  Business Coaching will help you save time and create a work/life balance.  Coaching will definitely save you time and money as you work toward your goals.

How much does Business Coaching cost?

There is no doubt that there is a cost to Business Coaching, the benefits you receive will far exceed the expense.  There are no contracts, we invoice weekly, if at anytime your coach is not creating exceptional value, you can cancel the sessions.  Often there is a measurable 10x ROI.  My coaching services are $200 per hour with weekly sessions.  I have coaching services for every budget, if the pricing seems high, there are options.  Let's have a Discovery Call.

What is a Discovery Call?

I enjoy helping business owners!  Your discovery call is FREE.  I do not believe in holding back any information.  I will give you the secret sauce on your Discovery Call.  I schedule about 30 minutes to see if we are a good fit.  If you want to call me and just get help with a particular problem or business concern, I am here to help.  It is my goal to help you solve your problem in the Discovery Call Session.  Even if you do not plan to hire me, I am glad to provide exceptional value!  It is a time for you to "try before you buy".   There will be no pressure to hire me, I believe in giving value and if you need me in the future, you will think of Stev Stegner Coaching!

What can Coaching do for my business?

Coaching can help you address some of the key business issues around and make changes that produce measurable results in your business: Time - become more efficient and effective Team - tackle challenges with employees Money - increase revenue/decrease costs Exit strategies - when you are ready to move on from your business.


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